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About us

A bit of background

Started in 1993 in a little lean-to shed, Two Sisters Bakery has grown over the years to fill a beautiful house with a wrap-around porch, right down the street from Bishops Beach in Homer’s historic Old Town. With a landscape of glaciers and volcanoes surrounding us, we celebrate our community connections with children playing in our play yard, a fire in the hearth, pies cooling in the window, and delicious local produce gracing our dishes whenever possible. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves, and we are happy to have chosen to be sisters. Come join us!

Sister Sharon Roufa

Working for Carri beginning in 1996, Sharon made the leap to sisterhood after falling in love with early morning bread baking. She is a self-described Bread Queen, and as a Handy Ma’am was a big part of the construction of our Alan Scott wood-fired brick oven. Passionate about local food, when she is not baking she can be found in her garden or protecting her chickens from raptors and other wildlife.

Sister Carri Thurman

The founding member of Two Sisters, Carri started it all with a friend when she was expecting her first child and needed a year-round job. Now her three children are occasional kitchen employees and the cooking, baking and (let’s face it) dishwashing still keep Carri busy all year. She spends pretty much all of her free time making food, blogging about food, or just thinking about food.